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华商会Chinese Chamber

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The Greater Cincinnati Chinese Chamber of Commerce is in a unique  position to offer invaluable services to both local and international  businesses in today’s business environment.  The GCCCC understands and  appreciates that the advent of modern technology, which has made  instantaneous communications possible and international transportation  affordable, is transforming the world into a local market.  Whereas only  a few decades ago, only large companies could hope to participate  successfully in the global market, today, many businesses cannot remain  competitive without dealing with and utilizing international resources.   The GCCCC, with preferential relationships and close connections in  both China and the U.S., provides its members with invaluable  opportunities to learn about and benefit from each other.  From its  inception, the GCCCC has made it its mission to foster business  relationships amongst its members, including local and international  businesses and government agencies.  The GCCCC has remained steadfast in  its mission.  In today’s global economy, the opportunities for success  are greater than ever.


The Greater Cincinnati Chinese Chamber of Commerce provides a bridge  between the business communities of greater China and greater Cincinnati  through education, the promotion of business opportunities and the  facilitation of business dialogue.

As the economic relationship between China and the U.S. progresses,  GCCCC will use its resources in talent, information, and networking to  become a go-to organization in the Greater Cincinnati area.  It is our  goal to utilize our preferential relationships and close connections in  the U.S. and China to increase our members’ accessibility for investment  and economic development.

The mission of the GCCCC is to create and stimulate opportunities,  provide benefits, and foster cooperation amongst members, businesses,  and government agencies.  The GCCCC accomplishes this by assisting and  inspiring its members to grow the regional economy and community through  a unity of vision.  The GCCCC pursues its mission by providing its  members with business opportunities and supporting their efforts in  successful business development.  The GCCCC is also known as the Greater  Cincinnati Chinese American Chamber of Commerce.

Its objectives are as follows:

  • To play an appropriate role in the American mainstream society  and promote economic development by monitoring and participating in  relevant local, state and national legislation.
  • To create opportunities and to foster cooperation and business development amongst members, businesses and government agencies.
  • To promote U.S.-China trade and cooperation.

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