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鸿优会计税务事务所 (Hong You Tax Service)

美国注册会计师 (Certified Public Accountant - CPA)

你的个人, 自雇及公司税收报表, 想得到专业会计师的帮助吗?

(Do you need professional help with your income tax returns?)


(To meet your needs, we provide following services)

   • 理财记账 (Bookkeeping)

   ♠ 个人报税 (Individual Income Returns)

   ♣ 公司报税 (Small Business Income Returns)

   ♥ 税务咨询,筹划及策划 (Tax consulting, planning and research)

   ♦ 追討前年度退稅 (Amended Tax Returns)

   ♫ 政府税收来函, 审计及税案 (help with IRS audit)

诚信第一, 用户至上, 专业敬业, 客户保密,价格公道

(High quality service with affordability, honesty and professionalism)

Email: HongYouTax@ gmail.com

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