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Chinese Christian Church of Madison, cccm@cccm.us, www.cccm.us
Mobile Chinese Christian Fellowship, www.mobileccf.org
Highlands Bapist Chinese Mission Church, www.uah.edu/student_life/
Huntsville Chinese Christian Church, hccc@hccc.us, www.hccc.us
Tuscaloosa Chinese Christian Church, tccc@bama.ua.edu, http://bama.ua.edu/~tccc/
Tuscaloosa Chinese Christian Fellowship,tccf@bama.ua.edu, http://bama.ua.edu/~tccf/

Chinese Gospel Church Anchorage, (907)243-4375

Little Rock Chinese Christian Church, contact@lrccc.org, www.lrccc.org

Chinese Evangelical Free Church, (623)780-0530
First Chinese Baptist Church, Phoenix, office@fcbcphx.org, www.fcbcphx.org
Greater Phoenix Chinese Christian Church,  www.gpccc.org
Northwest Chinese Baptist Church, Phoenix, secretary@nwcbc.org, www.nwcbc.org
Valley Chinese Baptist Church at Tempe, office@valleychinese.org, www.valleychinese.org

Bay Area Chinese Bible Church, (510)351-4936, www.bacbc.org
Chinese Church in Christ - San Jose, ccicsjinfo@yahoo.com, www.ccic-sj.org
Chinese Churches in Los Angeles Area, www.achinese.com/CHURCH/
Chinese Agape Vineyard Christian Fellowship, info@agapevineyard.org, www.agapevineyard.org
Chinese For Christ Berkeley Church, (510)654-8137, www.cfcberkeley.org
Chinese Baptist Church of Central Orange County, (714)669-1700, www.cbccoc.org
Chinese Bible Church of San Diego, admin@cbcsd.com, www.cbcsd.com
Chinese Baptist Church of San Jose, info@cbcsj.org, www.cbcsj.org
Chinese Evangelical Church of San Diego, admin@cec-sd.org, www.cec-sd.org
Chinese Immanuel Church, Sacramento, info@chineeimmanuel.org, www.chineseimmanuel.org
Christian Assembly of San Gabriel Valley, casgv@aol.com, www.casgv.org
Crosspoint Chinese Church of Silicon Valley, info@crosspointchinese.com, www.crosspointchinese.org
Faith In Grace Bible Church, (408)506-2904, www.faithingrace.org
First Chinese Baptist Church, Fountain Valley, fcbcfv@fcbcfv.org, www.fcbcfv.org
Gospal Chinese Christian Church, Milpitas, (408)935-8477, www.chinesegospel.org
Home of Christ, Multiple locations,  www.hoc.org
Irvine Canaan Christian Community Church, (949)251-0133, www.icccc.org
Monterey Park Chinese Baptist Church, (626)289-1284, www.mpcbc.org
River of Life Christian Church, Santa Clara, rolccoffice@yahoo.com, www.rolcc.net
San Jose Chinese Alliance Church, info@sjcac.org, www.sjcac.org
Silicon Valley Christian Assembly, office@christian-assembly.org, www.christian-assembly.org
South Bay Chinese Gospel Church, web@sbcgc.org, www.sbcgc.org

Boulder Chinese Evangelical Free Church, contactus@bcefc.org, www.becfc.org
Chinese Evangelical Church of Denver, (303)366-0303, http://www.cecd.net/
Denver Chinese Evangelical Free Church, pastor_yuan@dcefc.org, www.dcefc.org
Fort Collins Chinese Evangelical Free Church, (970)635-9451, http://fccefc.ccim.org
Galilee South Community Church, (720)488-0363, www.galileecc.org

Calvary Baptist Church, New Haven, (203)787-1805, http://fm2.forministry.com/Church/
Chinese Baptist Church of Greater Hartford, PTWest@gmail.com, www.cbcgh.org/
Danbury Chinese Alliance Church, (203)354-0213,  
Fairfield County Chinese Community Church, info@fcccc.net, www.fcccc.net
UConn. Chinese Bible Study Group,  http://sp.uconn.edu/~ucbsg/

Chinese Christian Fellowship, Univ. of Delaware, http://opland.udel.edu/stu-org/
Wilmington Community Evangelical Church, (302)239-4990, www.wcec-home.org

District of Columbia 
Chinese Community Church, (202)637-9852, www.cccdc.com

Bread of Life Christian Church in Orlando, (407)456-1058, www.bolccorlando.org
Gainesville Chinese Christian Church, gccc@christian.net, http://gccc.christian.net
Orlando Chinese Evangelical Christian Church, servants@ocecc.org, www.ocecc.org
Palm Beach Chinese Christian Chapel, info@palmbeachchinese.org, www.palmbeachchinese.org

Atlanta Chinese Christian Church, info@accc.org, www.accc.org
Atlanta Chinese Christian Church North, acccn@acccn.org, www.acccn.org
First Chinese Baptist Church of Atlanta, info@fcbca.org, www.fcbca.org
First Chinese United Methodist Church, uscef@chinamail.com, www.gbgm-umc.org/first...
Lilburn Chinese Baptist Church of Atlanta Georgia, info@cbca.us, www.cbca.us/

First Chinese Church ofChrist in Hawaii, info@firstchinese.org, www.firstchinese.org

Boise Chinese Christian Church, (208)938-3779, www.boiseccc.org

Champaign Chinese Christian Church, k_y_tung@yahoo.com, www.champaignccc.org
Chinese Christian Mandarin Church, Chicago, ccmc@chicagoccmc.org, www.chicagoccmc.org
Chinese Christian Union Church, Chicago, (312)842-8545, http://ccuc.ccim.org

Chinese Christian Church of Greenwood, cccg@ccim.org, www.ccim.org/~cccg
Greater Lafayette Chinese Alliance Church,  www.glcac.org

Chinese Church of Iowa City, (319)337-2140, www.ccic-iowa.org
Chinese Evangelical Church in Iowa City,  www.ceciic.org
Chinese Evangelical Free Church of Ames, (515)233-4436, www.cefca.org

Emmanuel Chinese Baptist Church, ecbc@ecbcka.org, www.ecbckc.org
Lawrence Chinese Evangelical Church, csa@ukans.edu, www.lcec.org
Manhattan Chinese Christian Fellowship, mccf@ccim.org, www.ccim.org/~mccf

Lexington Chinese Christian Fellowship, www.lcccky.org
Chinese Christian Church Music Institute for Worship, http://www.cccmi.org/



Chinese Bible Church, College Park, (301)474-5580, www.cbccp.org
Chinese Bible Church of Maryland, church.office@cbcm.org, www.cbcm.org
Chinese Bible Church of Montgomery County, (301)924-4855, www.cbcmc.org
Chinese Bible Church of Maryland, Howard County, (410)480-2341, www.cbchc.org
Chinese Christian Church of Germantown, info@cccgermantown.org, www.cccgermantown.org
Chinese Christian Church of Greater Washington D.C., info@cccgw.org, www.cccgw.org
Columbia Chinese Baptist Church, ccbc@ccbc.us.fm, www.ccbc.us.fm
Frederick Chinese Gospel Fellowship,  www.fcgf.org
Huntingdon Chinese Baptist Church, Baltimore, pastor@hengtongchurch.org, www.hengtongchurch.org
Rockville Evangelical Mission Church, rem_church@yahoo.com, www.remchurch.org

Amherst Chinese Christian Church, (413)259-1500, www.accch.org
Boston Chinese Evangelical Church, chinese.sec@bcec.net, www.bcec.net
Boston Chinese Bible Study Group, contact@bcbsg.org, www.bcbsg.org
Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston, info@cbcgb.org, www.cbcgb.org
Chinese Bible Church of Greater Lowell, office@cbcgl.org, www.cbcgl.org
Chinese Christian Church of New England, webmaster@cccne.org, http://cccne.org
Chinese Gospel Church of Massachusetts, cgcm@cgcm.org, www.cgcm.org

Ann Arbor Chinese Christian Church, PastorTeo@aaccc.org, www.aaccc.org
Chinese Bible Church, Detroit, (248)473-2050, www.cbcdetroit.org
Kalamazoo Chinese Christian Church, kccc@hotmail.com, http://kccc.immanuel.net
Lansing Chinese Christian Ministry, www.lccm.info
Oakland Chinese Church, (248)340-7495, occ.immanuel.net

Minnesota Faith Chinese Lutheran Church,(651)642-0992, http://faith.ccim.org
Rochester Chinese Christian Church, rcccmn@rcccmn.org, www.rcccmn.org
Rochester Minnesota Chinese Church, (507)280-0654, www.rm-cc.org
Twin City Chinese Christian Church, contact@tcccc.org, www.tcccc.org
Twin Cities Chinese Evangelical Free Church, (612)332-5484


Columbia Chinese Christian Church, (573)442-3957 
St. Louis Chinese Baptist Church, (314)330-9391, www.stlcbc.org
St. Louis Chinese Christian Church, slccc_care@yahoo.com, www.slccc.org
St. Louis Chinese Gospel Church, stlcgc@stlcgc.org, www.stlcgc.org

Lincoln Chinese Bible Study Group, wss@nlcbs.org, www.nlcbs.org


New Hampshire
Chinese Bible Church of Greater Nashua, office@cbcgn.org, www.cbcgn.org

New Jersey
Chinese Christian Church of New Jersey, (973)335-0183, www.ccim.org/.../cccnj.html
Chinese Christian Church in Somerset, cccs_nj@yahoo.com, www.cccs-nj.org
Chinese Evangel Mission Church of New Jersey, info@cemcnj.org, www.cemcnj.org
Jersey City Community Church, (201)222-1178, www.jccc.org
Monmouth Chinese Christian Church, (732)671-6721, www.mccc.org
OCM Jireh Church, ocmjireh@ocmjireh.org, www.ocmchurch.org/jireh.htm
Princeton Christian Church, (609)688-1124, www.pccnj.org
Rutgers Community Christian Church, (732)868-6725, www.rccc.org

New Mexico

New York
Asian Assembly of God, (718)359-1291, www.asianassembly.org
The Assembly in Christ, New York, yuh1@hotmail.com, www.ainchrist.org
Binghamton Chinese Christian Church, (917)733-6069, www.geocities.com/bcccorg
Cantonese Christian Fellowship at Columbia Univ., acm5@columbia.edu, www.columbia.edu/cu/ccf
Chinese For Christ New York Church, (718)358-9725, www.cfcnyc.org
Chinese Christian Church of Greater Albany, (518)437-0163, www.cccga.org
Chinese Christian Youth Fellowship, ccyf@ccyf-ny.org, www.ccyf-ny.org
Columbia Chinese Bible Study Group, ccbsg@columbia.edu, www.columbia.edu/cu/ccbsg
First Ithaca Chinese Christian Church, ficcc_mail@yahoo.com, http://ficcc.immanuel.net
Hong Kong Christian Fellowship at Cornell U., bsc28@cornell.edu, www.rso.cornell.edu/hkcf
Long Island Alliance Church, (631)271-2290, www.liaconline.org
New York Chinese Alliance Church, pteng@nycac.org, www.nycac.org
Overseas Chinese Mission, Main Church, (212)219-1472, www.ocmchurch.org
The Reformed Church of Newtown, (718)592-4466, www.rcnewtown.org
Rochester Chinese Christian Church, (585)872-6708, www.rochesterccc.org
Syracuse Chinese Assembly, (315)430-3364, www.pecinc.com/bsm

North Carolina
Carmel Baptist Chinese Ministry, (704)847-8575, www.carmelbaptist.org/chinese
Chinese Bible Church of North Carolina, info@cbcnc.org, www.cbcnc.org
Chinese Christian Mission Church, pastor@ccmcnc.org, www.ccmcnc.org
Greensboro Chinese Christian Church, contactus@gcccnc.org, www.gcccnc.org
Raleigh Chinese Christian Church, info@raleighccc.org, www.raleighccc.org

North Dakota

Akron Chinese Christian Church, (330)376-4858, www.akron-ccc.org
Cincinnati Chinese Church, (513)931-2381, www.immanuel.net/CinCC
Cleveland Chinese Christian Church, (216)531-2499, http://cleccc.immanuel.net
Columbus Chinese Christian Church, c4_office@sbcglobal.net, www.columbusccc.info
Dayton Chinese Christian Church, (937)299-9595, dccc.immanuel.net

Agape Chinese Baptist Church, Tulsa, (918)694-0002, www.agapechinese.org
Southern Oklahoma Chinese Baptist Church, friend@socbc.org, www.socbc.org
Stillwater Chinese Baptist Church, friend@scbchome.org, www.scbchome.org
Tulsa Chinese Christian Church, info@tulsaccc.org, www.tulsaccc.org
Victory Chinese Cell, Tulsa, (918)346-4303, www.vicmtulsa.org/chinese

Chinese Faith Baptist Church, wki@chinesefaith.org, www.chinesefaith.org
Chinese Evangelical Church, Hillsboro, info@cechurch.org, www.cechurch.org
Portland Chinese Christian & Missionary Alliance Church, (503)775-2854, www.portlandccma.org

Chinese Alliance Church of Pittsburgh, office@chines...pittsburgh.org, http://chinesealliancechurchofpittsburgh.org
Chinese Christian Church and Center, cccnc@hotmail.com, www.cccnc.org/
Chinese Gospel Church, Philadelphia, (215) 564-5136, www.chinesegospelchurch.org
Faith Hope Love Chinese Church, church@fhlcc.org, www.fhlcc.org
Pittsburgh Chinese Church, (412)695-1045, www.pghchinesechurch.org
State College Chinese Alliance Church, pastor@sccac.org, www.sccac.org
Trinity Christian Church, (610)828-2838, www.tccgp.org
West Chester Chinese Evangelical Church, info@wccec.org, www.wccec.org

Rhode Island
Chinese Christian Church of Rhode Island, (401)722-8877, www.cccri.org

South Carolina
Chinese Christian Church of Columbia, cccc7969133@yahoo.com, http://cccchurch.us

South Dakota

Knoxville Chinese Christian Church, kccc@korrnet.org, www.discoveret.org/kccc
Nashville Chinese Baptist Church, (615)331-7154, http://ncbc.freeservers.com

Austin Chinese Church, contact@austinch...org, www.austinchinesechurch.org
Austin Northwest Christian Church, www.austinnorthwest.org/
Austin Chinese Christian Campus Fellowship, acccf@uts.cc.utexas.edu, http://studentorgs.utexas.edu/acccf
Chinese Baptist Church, Houston, (713)461-0963, www.cbchouston.org
Clear Lake Chinese Church, (281)338-1929, www.clearlake...org
College Station Chinese Church, (979)696-2317, www.cschinesechurch.org
Evangelical Formosan Church of Houston, (281)879-8080, www.efchouston.org
First Chinese Baptist Church, San Antonio, (210)558-6393, www.fcbcsa.org
Formosan Christian Church of Dallas, (281)879-8080, www.efccdallas.org
Grace Chinese Evangelical Church, GCEC@tanbible.com, http://tanbible.com/0_GCEC
Houston Chinese Church, (713)663-7550, www.houstonchinesechurch.org

Salt Lake City Chinese Christian Church, info@slcccc.org, www.slcccc.org


Chesterbrook Taiwanese Presbyterian Church, (703)241-2433, www.ctpchurch.org/
Chinese Christian and Missionary Church, ccmcmission@yahoo.com, http://www.ccmcva.org/
Chinese Christian Church of Virginia, (703)820-1010, www.arkwebshost.com/churches/cccva
George Mason Chinese Christian Fellowship, andyxliu@hotmail.com, www.gmu.edu/org/ccf
Grace Chinese Christian Church, (703)471-4046, www.gccc-va.org

Northern Virginia

Chinese Baptist Mission, (703)451-0815, www.westwood-baptist.org/chinese...

Washington, DC - See District of Columbia

Washington State
Chinese Christian Crusade, Univ. of Washington, cccuw@u.washington.edu, http://students.washington.edu/cccuw
Lake East Christian Church, (425)917-8499, www.lecc.org
Plateau True Light Christian Church, truelight@yahoogroups.com, www.seattletruelight.org
Seattle Chinese Baptist Church, (206)725-6363, www.seattlecbc.org
Seattle Chinese Christian Network seattle.ccim.org
Tri-Cities Chinese Alliance Church, zcguo@juno.com, http://tccac.org

West Virginia

Chinese Christians on Campus, UWM, cocweb@uwm.edu, www.uwm.edu/StudentOrg/COC
Chinese Christian Church of Milwaukee, info@cccm.net, http://www.cccm.net/
Madison Chinese Christian Church, secretary@madisonccc.orgwww.madisonccc.org


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