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Car engine problem experience

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Car engine problem experience

My experience to share with the community:

My car's engine was bad, and the service shop told me the car should be junked for about $400-$600, his reason was that the car was too old (10+ years), and replacing the engine will cost about $3k to $4k.

That was a headache for me, since the car was in good condition except the engine went bad. Some junk yard offer a price based on how much my car weigh, e.g. $200 for a ton.

I did not follow their advice, I put advertisment on internet to sell the car stating clearly there was engine problem, luckily there was a few people interested, and very quickly I sold it a lot higher than the $600 offering. So my experience is to do some research on internet, and don't take the easy advice from the junk yard or the service shop, use your best judgement.

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